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Birdwatching in the Calakmul area

Birdwatching in the Calakmul area

Do you love birds? Are you an avid or amateur birdwatcher? There is none better than this area in the south of Campeche with Xpujil-Rio Bec to the east, Silvituc to the west and Calakmul at the center, 50 kms (30 miles) from each. A very important migration area where each season has its charms for the different varieties. Come and learn of this jungle and its wonders where you will live a unique experience full of emotions when visiting the different environments.

There are excellent English and Spanish speaking guides specialized and in love with the avian world. They know the various places, trees, flowering seasons. as well as the songs and customs of the birds. The tour can be taken in conjunction with visits to ruins or trails to see wildlife, but with a focus on birdwatching.

Several tours and routes are available depending on the time available. The tours can be taken only for birding or they can easily be combined to an early nature tour for wildlife observation, an archaeological site tour with attention to birdwatching or a late afternoon tour with a visit to the bat cave. We can also offer all-day guided tours. Also, to have a list of birds that you would like to find, there is possibility of organizing tours around your requirements.

No matter if beginner or expert, this will be a wonderful experience. Come and know the jungle paradise and its wonders where you will live a unique experience full of emotions, where birds will teach you their beautiful colors and songs. A unique diversity of species!.

Calakmul Route

One day tour - Nature Trails and site of Calakmul

Calakmul is an environment full of mid-high semideciduous subtropical rainforest and low lying floodable jungle which hosts a great variety of bird species which you can observe during the morning and afternoon in a tour inside both a natural and an archaeological environment where the majestic Mayan infrastructure stands out in the heart of the jungle. The variety of birds will surprise you with their colors and songs from the beautiful Keel-Billed Toucan, Collared Trogon, Crested Guan, Great Curassow, to the majestic King Vulture. In one day on the trails and Calakmul, it is possible to observe almost 80 or 90 species of birds.

It consists of an easy outdoor walk where with basic or expert knowledge you can enjoy this incredible experience. This route combines nature and archeology. In this hike, it is very difficult not to be passionate of being able to observe the mammals of the area such as the Spider Monkey, Howler Monkey, White-Collared Pecari, Red-Broked Deer or, with luck, one of the 5 species of felines.

The tour begins a little before dawn. Birds are observed for an average of 3 to 5 hours depending on weather conditions and bird activity. A light box lunch will be taken after the first part of birdwatching. The visit then continues to the Calakmul archaeological site where more birds will be observed during the archaeological visit.

Optional: At the end of the archaeological tour you will return to the hotel where you take a small break. You can then continue with the visit of the bat cave where you can observe some birds of prey.

Silvituc Lagoon Route

Silvituc, about 50 kms (30 miles) from the hotel, is a unique and majestic place where the richness of the bird species of the jungle and lagoon combine. An experience and interaction with the different aquatic and terrestrial species of the area. In the small jungle islands, you will find many species of birds such as Green Jay, Red-Legged Honey Creeper. In the lagoon, you will see some species of birds such as Snail Kite, White-Tailed Hawk, Fork-Tailed Flycatcher.

The visit in Silvituc starts a little before dawn, near the village, where you will try to observe nocturnal species such as the Yucatan Porwill, Common Parakeet and Mottled Owl for an hour. Then a visit to a local project where you can walk around the lagoon in search of very striking species that inhabit and have slight interactions with people. At the end of the walk around the lagoon, breakfast will be taken in the restaurant of the project where a break will be taken. The activity will be resumed in the afternoon.

Xpujil-Rio Bec Route

One day tour - Nature trails and sites in the area

The Xpujil-Rio Bec route is an exciting route that combines birds and Mayan culture. You can go in places like Hormiguero, Becan, Rio Bec which hides in its jungle birds like Rufous-Tailed Jacamar, Collared Trogon, Tody Motmot and Black-Throated Shrike Tanager. On a good morning, up to 70 species like Toucans, Woodpeckers, Red capped Manakin, Flycatchers, Orioles and Raptors and depending on the migration season and resident birds.

It begins before dawn so that you can listen and enjoy the singing of the nocturnal birds. After about 3 or 4 hours of birdwatching, a lunch is taken to then proceed to the archeological sites that you would like to visit. A break is taken and resumption of activities in the afternoon.


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